About Us

The outside’s not pretty, but inside you’ll find a warm welcome and fair dinkum people.

At almost a hundred years old —that milestone will be hit in 2021 at Belfield— Croydon Park-Belfield Uniting Church has served this neighbourhood faithfully. This is evident in the fact that the suburb of Belfield was actually named after the church, which began using a contraction of Belmore and Enfield to identify itself in the local Ashbury Central Circuit (Methodist) when it took possession of the current property in 1921! While our property certainly seems to reflect its age, don’t be distracted! We’re a community with our hope and hearts set on the future … and redevelopment!

Known affectionately as "the church at the corner", while the main faith community is predominantly white Anglo-Australians of the Uniting Church-persuasion, various other congregations, ethnicities and denominations gather and worship and minister here:

  • Living Hope for The Nations International Christian Church (Italian Pentecostal)
  • Ye-Eun Uniting Church Congregation (Korean)
  • City Cook Islands Seventh Day Adventist Church
  • Faith Alive Dream Centre (Cook Islands Pentecostal)

This community of churches shares the same space, but also combine for worship and fellowship on special occasions (Easter, Anzac Day, Christmas, etc).

There is a place for anyone and everyone at Croydon Park-Belfield Uniting Church. There’s most certainly a place for you in this community of diverse friends who support, encourage and challenge each other in Christian faith and lifestyle … food and coffee may be involved!

Friendship With Jesus

In the Bible, being a friend of God is the highest complement made of only a few of the notable and infamous figures whose stories are described in there:

  • Abraham was called a friend of God (James 2:23)
  • The Lord spoke with Moses face to face (Exodus 33:11)
  • In his suffering, Job remembered when the intimate friendship of God blessed his house (Job 29:4-5)
  • Mary, Martha and Lazarus often hosted Jesus at their home (John 11:5)
  • The disciples got to ‘hang out’ with Jesus for 3 years (John 15:14-15)
  • John especially felt that he enjoyed a friendship with Jesus (John 13:23) and was later granted an incredible vision of the risen Christ (Revelation 1:9–11)

We believe that being a friend of God is a very special thing, something worth devoting one’s life to because, if God is real, then He is our creator and more than capable of making good on the free, full and forever life promised by Jesus.

If you have longed to be a friend of God, or are at least curious about this idea and what difference it could make to your life, then why not contact me and let's catch up over a coffee!