What to expect on Sunday Morning

Whether you've part of a Christian church before or not, visiting one for the first time can be quite intimidating. Hopefully, this description of what to expect when you visit Church At The Corner for the first will make you and yours feel welcome.

We worship at 9:15 am every Sunday. Our church has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so make yourself at home and don't be afraid to chat with the people around you. 

Our service follows a traditional liturgy style, but is quite casual in the execution —our minister just can't help cracking jokes! We sing a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We believe that worship is not a spectator sport, so there are always points at which the congregation participates. For example, with responsive and unison readings, offering points for prayer, and you can even interrupt the sermon to ask a question!


We have two parking areas at the church: on the property or on the street. 

Public Transport

There is a bus stop out front of the church on Punchbowl Rd.

Worship Services

Worship happens in the main chapel. Sit anywhere and feel free to bring your coffee with you —the minister does. Our service includes readings from the Bible and a message. We share Communion every second Sunday. Everyone is welcome to receive Communion.

Everything you need to follow along with the worship service is projected on the large screen in the chapel. All the parts of the service are clearly laid out and the minister provides additional guidance and explanation throughout.

Sunday School and Young Adults

At this point, we do not have a Sunday School nor a separate youth/young adults program. Everyone worships together. We are happy to grow into this area, as the need arises.

After the service

We'd love you to stay around after the Sunday Service, share coffee and conversation.