Sunday Services

  • Sunday 9:15AM - 10:30AM

[img] Worship At The Corner

The members and friends of Croydon Park-Belfield Uniting Church gather regularly on Sundays to sing a little, pray, reflect together on a select passage from the Bible, and consider how Jesus exemplifies, and the Holy Spirit leads us in, the Good Life.  In these ways, we are encouraging and equipping each other in our friendship with Jesus.

Whether you are mature in your faith and lifestyle, or are still not entirely sure what Jesus is about, you will find a warm and genuine welcome here.

After the program, stick around for morning tea and fellowship.  Expect relaxed conversation and laughter, treats and hot drinks.

What is Worship?

Worship is both a verb and a noun, something we do and something we feel. When a person comes to know God, who he is and what he has done, you cannot help but respond. For some, that response is rejection; for others, that response is praise and adoration. The friends of Jesus gather together weekly, typically on Sundays, to do things that express our praise and adoration, but also to foster praise and adoration.

A typical worship gathering at Church At The Corner looks like this:

  • we start at 9:15am on Sundays (and our minister is pretty adamant about starting on time)
  • everyone is welcomed by our minister, who leads most of the gathering, and he reminds us why we are gathering
  • we sing 2-3 songs (accompanied by guitar, drums and piano) to express our praise and adoration, but also to help us reframe the joys and trials of the week that has passed
  • we confess in prayer our often-botched attempts to follow Jesus’ example and God’s commands, and are assured of the forgiveness of God
  • 1 or 2 selected passages are read from the Bible by a volunteer
  • our minister offers some reflections on those passages and some ways to apply the lessons
  • we sing again or recite together a creed of the Church
  • we make an offering to enable the work of the Church and our church
  • a volunteer leads us in praying for one another and the events that shape and challenge our society/world
  • we sing a final song
  • the gathering is closed with a blessing
  • once a month, on the second Sunday, we share Communion together (it involves dunking a small chunk of bread into a cup of grape juice), which helps us to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus and all that accomplished for his friends

Our Sunday services are pretty harmless, really, but it is in these ways we worship our creator-God and are encouraged and equipped in our friendship with Jesus. Our minister tries to be creative with the gathering, so it is not always the same. He is always open to new ideas, new songs, new volunteers, to keep things fresh and lively.

Feel free to drop in and gather with us on any given Sunday! Just be sure not to be late 😃


Croydon Park-Belfield Uniting Church, Punchbowl Road &, Linda St, Belfield NSW